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The Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp (MWROC) is a unique experience available to students to help further explore their musical talent while working alongside some very accomplished musicians. Part of the goal of SAPOWR is afford some students this fantastic opportunity through scholarships we give. 

What does this do for our youth?

Giving our youth the chance to experience something very outside of their typical resources is a chance to expand their horizons. Students through music have a chance to express themselves, grow confidence and learn discipline through their music studies. 

How can you get involved?

Our efforts to provide our youth these opportunities are possible with the help and support of the community. We accept donations of any size to help fund our scholarship efforts. Click on our Donate Now button & safely share your donation through PayPal.

Dave Mata was known for his passion for people. As a grant writer David had the opportunity to meet & serve many indivduals who were seeking opportunities to help our community through organizations they were involved with. When Dave met the founding members of SAPOWR, he knew this particular not for profit had his heart.  As a musician himself David understood the importance of following one's passion and how beneficial it would be to our youth community to help provide young musicians resources to help them do so. 

Dave himself was inspired by many such as Mark Wood & wanted nothing more but for more youth to get the opportunity to work with the likes of professionals like Mark, including by attending the Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp. With Dave being gone before he could continue to support SAPOWR it seemed only fitting that we keep Dave's memory alive by creating this Dave Mata Memorial Scholarship.  

The intent of the scholarship is to grant a student or students a full scholarship to attend MWROC for one summer. 

Dave Mata Memorial Scholarship
Aug 1,1972 - Aug 26, 2017
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